Screen: New Task


You can use this screen to plan out a task in great detail and monitor its progress as someone keeps updating.


  • Less ambiguity, more efficiency.
  • Keep track of your pace.


  1. Category: So you can broadly classify the task to provide an overview.
  2. What needs to be done: A brief description can be tailored to each task for greater insight.
  3. Assign to staff(Optional): Here, the task can be assigned to a particular team/staff member. Start typing the email id of the staff and they will appear for you to choose, or you could assign the task to yourself by a single click of a button right below the text field labeled “Assign to me”.
  4. Priority: You can choose the priority of that particular task from the various options covering almost everything.
  5. Completed by: A deadline which can be set easily by a push of a button or by manually setting a date using the calendar.
  6. Status: To brief the state of a particular task.
  7. This is: To know whom the task is for.
  8. Project(Optional): This option will be having all your projects, so you can use it to put a task on the label of a project.
  9. Additional Description(Optional): To elaborate the task for better understanding.

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