Screen: New Customer


Add a new customer to your pipeline.


  • Setting up the sales pipeline.
  • A detailed assessment of all the necessary questions that need to be asked.


  1. Person/Company: To know if this entry is a person or a company. Click on the button to slide it to a person or a company.
  2. Full Name: Name of the customer.
  3. Email: Email from the customer.
  4. Assigned to: Enter the name of the staff who will be handling this customer. This particular staff should be added to your staff list.
  5. Customer Number: This is the customer  ID that assigned to each customer. So, if you are labeling your customer as per the customer ID then fill this part.
  6. Stage: Enter the stage which would describe your communication with the customer ideally. Choose from the various options that cover almost everything.
  7. Quick Status: You can maintain a custom status by filling this section.
  8. Labels: Put a label on the customer. You can prepare personalized labels for each one of your customers. These are all reusable.
  9. Lead Source Type: Enter the type of the source.
  10. Lead Source: Enter your lead source that led to this customer.
  11. Primary service/product: Add a new service or you can simply check previous service.
  12. Potential business: Enter the potential business that this customer can bring.
  13. Comment: Something that you need to remind yourself about this customer.
  14. DOB: Enter customer’s date of birth
  15. Mobile Number: Enter the mobile number for the customer.
  16. Gender: Enter the gender of the customer.
  17. Designation: Enter the position of the customer in their business.
  18. Company: Name of the company.
  19. Industry: Which sector their company targets.
  20. More Info: Some extra information that needs to be associated with this customer.

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